Wednesday, June 15, 2011

jokes 6-15-11

Crystal Harris has called off the wedding to Hugh Heffner. Apparently, she had a change of heart which in Heffner’s case would be called a transplant.

Fran Drescher will premier her new show “Happily Divorced” which features her ex, gay husband Peter Jacobson. Incidently, he was straight before hearing her laugh.

Derek Jeter is 7 hits away from obtaining the historic 3000 hits also known as a Charlie Sheen weekend.

A recent study has found that when wives can't sleep, the marriage suffers. The same study found if husbands suffer, this helps wives fall asleep.

An Anthony Weiner doll action figure has been released online and already there are reports that it has send dirty pictures to Barbie.


  1. This is grade A material, Israel!

    While almost everybody else has turned against him, Anthony Weiner has rallied support from two close friends, Oscar Mayer and Ball Park Frank.

  2. LOL at the Weiner and Charlie Sheen weekend one.

  3. LOL! The marriage joke was funny. You need to take your talents to this radio show that I listen to online who have been looking for comedians for their Talent Tuesdays. You'd kill.

  4. Better yet, why don't you do my show the week of 7/5?

  5. Funny stuff, Israel. Especially like the Weiner joke.