Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last week's "Weird" weekend

Last week I called up my friend Nick. "Hey Iz what do you think about Weird Al?

"Weird Al? I queried. "I think he's kinda lame myself but Rob has an extra ticket if you want to go", Nick tells me.

I had no plans so I jumped at the opportunity to see Weird Al in Orange County, CA. I didn't know he performed live. In fact I didn't know alot about Weird Al. I thought he vanished from the public conscious after he put on his fat suit and sang "Fat"- a spoof on Michael Jackson's "Bad".

I attended the concert and here is what I learned about Weird Al:

1- He is alive. I knew he did did Amish Paradise and White and Nerdy but I didn't know much since. Certaintly he couldn't have followers could he?

2- He has TONS of fans and they know his lyris! Do you know how baffled I was to see his fans responsd in anticipation to his performances? They knew his skits and lyrics.

3- His show is very entertaining. He sings, plays the accordion, and does jokes. In addition, he plays videos during the costume changes.

4-His fan base is diverse. I saw parents, kids, teens and every demographic was covered. expect old,black males).

5-He is very talented. I never thought that I would ever attend a weird Al concert and enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. I think he's talented but I wouldn't go see him in concert.

  2. Well, good for him for continuing with a successful career!

  3. THAT is verrrry interesting! Really! I think it is fun that you went. Like you, I haven't thought of him since "Fat". Huh.

  4. I haven't seen him in ages, but he used to crack me up with some of those tunes from the 80's. I had no idea he still performed until I recently heard his name in the news over Lady Gaga's handlers not wanting him to do one of her songs.

  5. I never liked him. I found him to be annoying and he didn't make me laugh. But glad you enjoyed yourself!