Thursday, July 28, 2011

jokes 7-28-11

Bob Bradley has been fired as head coach of the U.S Soccer team. Upon hearing this news, he fell to the floor, grabbed his ankle and cried like a baby.

Kat Von D and Jesse James have broken up. Just like real douches, two at a time is just too much.

Astronomers have detected an asteroid close to the earth that moves in the same orbit around the sun This type of asteroid is called a trojan asteroid. The larger ones are called Magnums.

Alex Trebek,host of “Jeopardy” injured his leg as he chased a burglar out of his hotel room. What is geriatric?

An AWOL soldier near Fort Hood was arrested with bomb-making material, including a movie script for Dane Cook.

A latex, Casey Anthony mask fetched just under $1 million dollars on Ebay. This is an example of when a winner can still be a loser.

According to science, “The Champ” is the saddest movie ever. The runner up? The film starring a drunk David Hasselhoff eating a burger on the floor.


  1. Really liked the Soccer, Trebek, AWOL, and Hasselhoff ones.

  2. I read that about The Champ. I hate sad movies, I would rather laugh at your jokes.

  3. I so agree with you about that David Hasselhoff movie! I didn't know about Jesse James. Seriously, I feel like I learn something every time I come to your blog!

  4. Baahahaha! AWESOME!!

    I don't know which was better - Kat Von D or the condoms or Alex Trebek.

  5. Another funny set of jokes--especially Hasselhoff and Dane Cook ones!

  6. LOL! The Dane Cook joke was genius! Also, The Hoff eating off of the floor is one of the saddest videos ever. How he recovered from that I'll never know. Props to his agent.