Monday, April 25, 2011

jokes 4-25-11

An Oregon woman has created a life-size Barbie to help bring awareness to anorexia and other eating disorders. Not to be outdone, I’m creating a life sized male doll named "No Balls Ken" to bring awareness to steroid use.

Iranian lawmakers are proposing to outlaw the dog ownership. This answers the question: Who let the dogs out?

In England, a man was killed when a human canonball show went horribly wrong. Friends and family were conforted knowing he went out in a bang.

Non confirmed rumors are circulating out of Geneva Switzerland that the “God Particle” has been found. Actually, they found 3 particles but they’re really just one taking different forms. It’s hard to explain.

Charlie Sheen was dumped by his porn star girlfriend via text message. The message was preceded by cheesy jazz music.

In Afhanistan, 450 Taliban prisoners broke out of jail after someone dug a 1000 foot tunnel underneath the jail. This has inspired a new film: Shiite Redemption.

As a result of a probation violation, Lindsey Lohan has been court ordered to to do community service where she must serve 120 hours in a Los Angeles Morgue where she will be forced to see the grim reality of where her career is going.


  1. These are so funny! The Ken doll, Charlie Sheen, and of course the human cannonball (anything with a boom or bang) are my favorites! Lol

    Iz, I can picture you in front of a camera as a Kevin Nealon or Norm McDonald type comedian. You just have a classic style.

  2. Whatta coincidence! I recently purchased a life-size Barbie from a company called RealDoll. She increases my awareness on a nightly basis.

  3. Hahaha. Well you know, Lego beat Ken in being "realistic."

    This is a lego. With balls. And stuff -->

  4. Good stuff! They were all hilarious, so can't pick just one fave!

  5. that who let the dogs out joke...old reference material but STILL full of lulz after all this time.

  6. Lindsay and morgue definitely go together. "Shiite Redemption?" LOL!

  7. Hahahahahaha!!! I loved them all! The last one was a great finale. Big smiles!

    I'm glad you're still doing your art online. You are a tremendously gifted artist with enormous creativity. Art on!!!

  8. The "God Partical" joke takes the cake i.m.o.

  9. Will "No Balls Ken" be ready in time for Christmas?

  10. The god particle one is quite possibly genius.

  11. Ken never had balls. Guess Mattel thought of that before you :P

  12. Lil Pixi- Thanx for that. A surprise shal be in store. hmmm
    Shady- I take it to mean that your awareness refers to. Nevermind.
    Gnetch- Where do you find this stuff?
    Mranthrope- Have to agree w you. I went the cheap route.
    Than Q- Good to see you on my blog. What up?
    Pamo- Awwww. If I had a heart I would have been touched.
    Rgibbs- Thanx dude. Hope all is well with you, you science freak.
    Kelley- No Balls Ken will be ready for Christmas according to Santa.
    Justin V- Thanx dude. BTW I have a great movie Ill show you guys this week if Anna doesn't flake
    Akseli- Thanx man. I appreciate it.
    Ditz- Work with me here!