Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Like a taco"

Today I treated myself to Korean Food. It was all you can eat so I accepted the challenge. I'm what you call a "foodie" which is a euphemism for fat ass! I got the usual Kimchi, rice, and marinated beef. I also got the usual side dish called rice cake (shown in white above). I always get it but I never knew how to eat it. Am I to dip it in sauce? Is it meant to be fried? Can it be eaten alone or with the other food? Such grand questions have always alluded me when it came to the rice cake. I decided to ask the Korean waiter. He was a young, frail guy in his early 20's

"How do I eat this?" Do I need to fry it?
"No No, you use it to wrap up the meat. Like a Taco!"

I was tempted to reply "Gracias Senor" in the most stereotypical, Mexican accent. Had my beard been longer, he may have told me to warp up the meat like Pita bread.


  1. Well, did it work. Looks fragile.

  2. I'm sure if it was me, they would look at me for one second and tell me to wrap it like an egg roll.

  3. I've never tried Korean, but I'm down to try anything once, I guess.

  4. Isn't it interesting how other people respond? I'll bet his stereotyping was not conscious. Perhaps he tells everyone that?
    Looks like good food!