Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Late Cinco De Mayo

This Cinco De Mayo weekend, I'd decided to go all Cinco De Mayo out so I headed to East L.A. I took Whittier Boulevard all the way down and drove slowly ala Cheech and Chong and decided to celebrate the positive aspects of The Mexican community. The snapshot above is in East L.A and it is a motto used by Homeboy Industries. This is an organization that was started by a priest in ELA that was tired of seeing gang members shoot each other so he provided an avenue where gang members and former gang members can work. ( I encourage you guys to support them. 

Next, I stopped by Cain's Arcade to support a kid who inspired me to dream and not be held back by obstacles. This kid saw opportunity in cardboard of all things and he truly is a genius. I encourage all of you, especially those who have kids to show Caine's Arcade. It is refreshing to see the youth of  today channeling their creativity in a non-digital way. Video may have killed the radio star but this kid survived. 

Next, I went to Olvera Street (La Placita) and devoured a chile relleno plate with home-made tortillas while the mariachis played in background. Ay AY AY AY (too much tequila)


  1. Sounds like a good day. You make me want to put LA on my bucket list.

  2. Way to represent, homie! Orale! lol