Tuesday, April 24, 2012

jokes 4-24-12

North Korea has threatened to reduce South Korea to ashes in four minutes for insulting its leadership. Is this what they mean by Korean BBQ?

A former McDonald's worker is suing a former franchise owner claiming that she was forced to prostitute herself. Her nickname was the golden arched back. I'm loving it.

Wal-Mart stock lost 5% of its value on news that top executives bribed Mexican officials. That's Juan big problem.

A Brazilian actor, playing Judas, accidentally hung himself in a theater. He leaves behind a wife, a child, and 30 pieces of silver.

Newt Gingrich hinted that he may drop out of the presidential race. He sent a message to all his supporters but he never responded.

The latest political science question: What is the law enforcement agency that is in charge of protecting the president?

Answer: Erotic Services.


  1. Hahaha! I knew there was something behind that "I'm loving it" slogan!

  2. Ha! Funniest ones for me was Newt and the Wal-Mart one!

  3. Perfect! You really have a knack for capturing current events in a couple of lines. That takes talent!
    My favorite was the Newt one... it took me just a beat then I howled!!!

  4. Love the Mickey D's rip! LOL!