Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jokes March 1 (memba them??)

This past Monday, Rodney King pleaded guilty to reckless driving. In his defense, he claims he often gets light headed and doesn't remember why.

Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders has filed for divorce from his wife of 11 years. The media has attempted to get comments from him but can't get a hold of him.

Jennifer Lopez had an Oscar slip. She was invited to the Oscars.

Mitt Romney won the Michigan and Arizona primary. The reason: Mormon voted for him.

John Lius's campaign manager has been arrested on fraud charges or as is commonly known in Wall Street, graduation.

Ron Paul said his "movement" is coming to Virginia. It's called concession.

The U.S is finally #1 in High School shootings.

An Indian tribe is suing Urban Outfitters for misappropriation the group's name on its products. They sent their message via smoke clouds.

This Feb 29 was "Leap day", a day popular among Mexicans and kangaroos.

Scientists have concluded that the bite of a T.Rex was 3 times greater than a shark but apparently not strong enough to bite through a shit load of ice.

Van Halen performed at Madison Square Garden. They played their new song "Skip"


  1. I close my eyes and I can hear conan saying these.

  2. These are really good. My favorite is the Wallstreet one.

  3. Haha! These are funny. Glad you're back!!!!!!!

  4. LOL! Nice! Good to see you back.

  5. You're back!!! Great! Now I can call off APB I had out! :) Funny stuff! My fave is the education one.
    -Hope all is well!

  6. These are always so good! Haha!! You are so clever. Loved the one about the T. Rex and the ice. :)