Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jokes 10-12-11

A biography claims that Steve Jobs owned 100 black turtlenecks. This has angered animal rights activists that are asking, where are the rest of the turtles?

In NJ, a history professor, Elizabeth Snyder is in trouble after she told a stuttering college student not to talk. That is just b-b-b-b--bad.

The "underwear bomber" plead guilty to trying to blow up a plane. He should've used Indian Food- Guaranteed Explosion every time.

The Ninety Nine Cent store has agreed to be sold for $1.6 billion dollars and 99 cents.

They are remaking the movie "Footloose" which, if you recall, is a movie about Paul McCartney's ex wife.

Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain has a tax solution for the country that he has named his 9-9-9 plan. His plan, backwards is favored by Satan.